Important News for our First Federal Savings Bank/Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank website users. We are in the process transitioning the address of our website to Once the transition is complete, you will be re-directed from to the new address.

We chose this transition because the “dot bank” extension offers a more secure environment for our customers. Domains with this extension are carefully vetted by the American Bankers Association and users can be assured that when dealing with a website that includes the dot bank extension, they are indeed dealing with a legitimate bank website.

Welcome to our website! We encourage you to set this web page in your browser bookmarks to make us easy to find.

EMV Cards, what is all the fuss about? You may have heard about the new “chip” cards which have been in use in Europe (hence the name Europay MasterCard and Visa or “EMV” nickname) for many years. The EMV card is designed to make fraudulent transactions harder to commit. Starting October 1, 2015, new rules went into effect regarding these cards and the industry has been trying to work through a large back-log for several months.

Our EMV cards were mailed to customers at the end of March. Please refer to the instructions included with the cards for steps you need to activate your new card. Call us if we can be of assistance.

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